The sad truth is most Christians can't even defend their faith because they themselves are ignorant of God's word.

Don't let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ. -- Colossians 2:8
"My people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge..." Hosea 4:6


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Bible is Not about God's Opinion

It is incredible how most Christian adopt secular reasons in interpreting the fact presented in Holy Scriptures. They downplay the spiritual issues stated therein and try to find scientific explanations on wonderful miracles and how God created things. 
   One dominant issue and most controversial is the Book of Genesis. You would hear believers trying to tie up the "creation" with what they read on secular books such as science journals. When we do these, we distort the essence of its purpose. 
Why Genesis is Written?
   The purpose of writing Genesis, in the first place, is to inform us "How God created" everything. I believed that one of those ancient days, Adam and Eve had conversation with The Father. Perhaps they are marveling how they came to be, where they came from, and what are those things in heaven and how the things around them came to be. It is more likely that God said something like this, "Well, listen to me Adam and Eve, this is how it came to be...I made them..." and so the story of creation was told, and to cut the story short, this story was pass on to their children and children's children, until it reach Moses who wrote the book which was later named Genesis.
   The only person that can tell correctly how things were form, was someone who had been there from the beginning. Let us remember that! Not someone who was not there...not Man. It is like a computer explaining to man how he was created, when itself is created by man. 

So what was on Genesis?
   The Bible speaks about rapid appearance of life form...Scholars estimates that if we trace the Bible, Heaven and earth would be approximately  only around 6-7000 years how come we read so much about Billions or so years old fossils found here and there as evidence to rule out the accuracy of the Bible creation story.
   There is a conspiracy of misinformation actively working in world systems to lead us away from the truth. They were trying to hide scientific discoveries that proves the authenticity of the Bible. I am not making claims here, but will later show you that there is a growing community of Scientist from various field re-discovering and discovering God. 
   Let me remind you that Evolution requires the earth to be very very old...including the universe. Don't believe that lie. The devil and his cohorts will do anything to make you "doubt" the Bible and therefore rely on secular teachings.
What is a Bible?
   Plainly, the Bible is God's revelation to man NOT man revealing God. It is an inspired collections of books authored by God himself to be written by men or if you may allow called copywriters in our time. It is something like this, Moses act as a journalist, interviewing God how He created things and later God also added History as a little background before Moses was called, up until their captivity in Egypt, then the story telling was pass on to the other on and so forth.  
   Misinformed individual claims the Bible was just a "One" book and it is not a reliable source of information because of its narrow perspective of a monotheistic religion. That is the first lie and don't be persuaded by that. The Bible is a library of Heaven and Earth history. 
   The uniqueness of the Bible is that it tells even the mistake and fault of the authors. In fact, Moses, in his writing admitted that he is inadequate as a leader and even at the end of his life he is still a failure. While other Religion claims the perfectness of its founder, the Bible tell us real people, ordinary people just like you and me. They commit sin, they disobey God, they envy, they argue, and all other common human nature. The Bible does not hide skeleton in the closets. Buddha did not told his follower that he was an irresponsible husband and father, that in order to seek enlightenment he had to leave his young wife...Muhammad did not tell his follower that Allah was just one of the many gods already worship in Mecca. He just redefine an already formed faith from pagan people.
   The Bible tell us what really happened!  
Take Me as I AM
   Therefore, If you are a Christian, you should stop treating the Bible as another Book of Opinion. Let us take the Bible at face value. Most believers even try to stretch the Word of God to fit the popular secular world view. If God said, it only requires Him 6 days to create heaven and earth...then that what it should mean and nothing else. The Word of God will explain itself, trust me, or better yet TRUST GOD. What God had declared before may not make sense Now but surely He mean what He said. Like when He said, don't eat animal fat and blood, it is evident now what will happen to your health...
   Why would God spend a great deal of time making special attention to the 7th day (Sabbath) and make an elaborate command to be respected and observe as Holy? 
   Let us remember that if we don't accepts what the Bible states and consider some part of it pertains to something else, then we are making assumption as well. When we try to fit the Bible to the puzzle the evolutionist are trying to build...we are also distorting the real message of the Holy Scripture.
   What we are doing is re-constructing the Bible according to the world views. As if before God made Adam, He first scoop a handful of slime and make an amoeba that turn into monkey before it gradually became Man. If we do these, we stray away from the truth...which states God made man and women on the 6th day...a separate creature from the does not evolve from anything else. 
   If we stretch the meaning of the creation...we will not follow the order of things and events in the Bible. Therefore, Commandments and Law can also be altered according to the general world views.

Science can't prove the age of anything!
   If you think science is giving you a very good estimates of how old the fossils they've are being duped. Evolutionist uses an extravagant calculator that multiply a single day into million of years. 
   Science is base on assumptions!
What science is not telling You?   
   Listen!!! Few people are aware that nine out of ten dating methods indicate the earth is too young for evolution to have happened, nor do they understand the assumptions upon which all dating methods rely.
   All dating method are base on assumptions and tries to figure it out. But obviously any data can be contaminated. 

   Check your children's Biology text book...see how the authors presents unproven data like: "The Dinosaurs disappeared 65 Millions of years ago", turn hundreds of pages and you'll be bombarded with disappearance of extinct life forms by the Million years or so...And they don't bother to tell you that most of the dating method use are radio-metric method which is unreliable. Assumptions are presented as factual. Is that science or witchcraft? 
   Open your TV to National Geographic channel and the same false data is given to you as a fact. 
   Well listen to a well-known Physicist have to say:
   For every dating method indicating billions of years of earth history there are ten methods indicating the earth is far too young for evolution to have happened.--Dr. Russell Humphrey
    Wrong assumptions! You get wrong answers. Wrong information! You get wrong educations. Now we are being fed with assumptions, and often incorrect dating method. It is No Wonder we get a wrong idea about LIFE.
   You can check the data and article refuting the evolution theory at

    It is either you believe the Bible or not. If you try to tie it up with principle of the world, you will not "get" its real meaning. 

Common Sense disprove Evolution already!
   We don't need to graduate doctorate degree to disproved Naturalist and Evolutionist. Here are some simple common sense:
   1. Where are all the Bones? 
   If man had been around as they said 4 Million years ago. Assuming that the average life span is 25 years (counting the factor of a more dangerous ancient world and unknown diseases and yet to be discovered cures)...and since science like to assume, we will also assume a steady population of 100,000 human...they eat, have sex, have children, they dies....multiply that by 4 Million many bones we have buried under the soil? 
    Where are the 16 Trillion of bodies?
    By now I am very sure if man had been existing for Millions of years, the evolutionist can herald to the world the "Missing Link" between man and monkeys, but there are NONE...actually the FEW specimen they proposed to be "Ape Man" were refuted to be Hoaxes. 

    2. Where are all the Graves? 
   Man is a natural lover and sentimental. We bury our dead relatives. All ancient civilization have rituals about burying once again, the same questions where are the Millions (if not Billion) of grave sites?
   What do we have? We can find most of the graves in Ancient Civilizations. Meaning! man is already civilized, thinking, logical beings ever since. (Take notice that when they usually discover the said "LINK" these are isolated fossils, isn't that suspicious already?)

   Let us Do simple Mathematics to check how accurate the Bible history.
    The current population  now is 7 Billions people. World population historically double every 150 years, independent of war, famines, catastrophes, pandemic, etc...
   The Bible told the flood happened around 4,500 years ago. Noah is with 3 sons and their 3 wives. So let us begin with 6 people since Noah does not have other children after the flood...
   6 x 2 equals...12
   Let us continue doubling them until we reach 7 Billion.
   ...24...48...96...192...384...768...1536...3072...6144...12288...24576...49152...98304...196608...393216...786432...1572864...3145728...6291456...12582912...25165824...50331648...100663296...201326592...402653184...805306368...1610612736...3221225472...6442450944 (Almost 7 Billion) 
   That was 30 cycles of 150. Therefore 30 cycles X 150 years is  4,500 years. 
The flood happened around 4,500 years ago and the equation is not very far to how many we are now, base on the sons of Noah...that survived the great flood.  
   Below is Dr. Monty White's analogy and question that Evolutionist must answer:

   Evolutionists are always telling us that humans have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. If we did assume that humans have been around for 50,000 years and if we were to use the calculations above, there would have been 332 doublings, and the world’s population would be a staggering figure—a one followed by 100 zeros; that is
   This figure is truly unimaginable, for it is billons of times greater than the number of atoms that are in the entire universe! Such a calculation makes nonsense of the claim that humans have been on earth for tens of thousands of years.
Simple, conservative arithmetic reveals clear mathematical logic for a young age of the earth. From two people, created around 6,000 years ago, and then the eight people, preserved on the Ark about 4,500 years ago, the world’s population could have grown to the extent we now see it—over 6.5 billion.
   With such a population clearly possible (and probable) in just a few thousand years, we could actually ask the question, “If humans were around millions of years ago, why is the population so small?” This is a question that evolution supporters must answer.

  Statistically the Bible is far more realistic than the 4 Million of years base on Evolution.

   If you don't agree with simple common can check the following websites from authorized and respected personalities from various fields of scientific and philosophical education. 

Does a Rocket Scientist from NASA believes in GOD? Check this website: (in the following days perhaps if God allow, I will digest the data on this site)

   Contrary to what was being advertised by the Loud Mouth (funded by Satanic elite) unbelievers, there was "enormous" increase of "enlightened" scientist accepting the Bible as factual. 
   If you think there are no scientist on God's side, hear the Mission Statement of a group of credible and reliable Scientist:
RTB's mission is to spread the Christian Gospel by demonstrating that sound reason and scientific research - including the very latest discoveries - consistently support, rather than erode, confidence in the truth of the Bible and faith in the personal, transcendent God revealed in both Scripture and nature.


     Meaning there is no NEW argument or fact coming from Naturalist and Evolutionist, they just re-invent words and definitions. They don't present new discovery at all but wait for Creationist to reveal new things so they can lambaste and invent lies to discredit.  And when they discover something that proves the Bible, they hide that fact away from us. Just check the video Man and Dinosaur co-existed. 

   Don't present the Bible as if it is just another opinion. Stand tall and tell them "This is what God said!!!"
From Those Claiming to be Theistic:
    Aside from the Non-existent-God advocate, there are also the False Prophets that distort the Bible. One example is Ophra Winfrey, a New Age  thinker and esoteric follower. She said, there are other ways aside from Jesus Christ. The reason is that, obviously not everyone have heard about Jesus, so it is unfair. Maybe, Jesus does NOT really mean that He is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. 
   If we accept that, then we are making Jesus irrelevant and worst of all being accused as a LIAR.  (Read More on Jesus The Only Way)
   Sadly, even Christians believe and assume that LIE...
   The Vatican believe that all religion leads to God.
   The Mormons believe that the Bible is insufficient source for God's will.


1 Peter 3:15

English Standard Version (ESV)
15 but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect,

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